We provide practical training on computer systems, networking, and network security. Nanoano provides courses that utilize virtual systems and are designed to be challenging and exciting to students throughout the entire week. Unlike many courses where the primary objective is to pass an examination to achieve a certification; our courses are designed to teach students by doing. Students receive training on Linux, open source software, virtualization, networking, routing and switching. Security is a theme in all of our courses, through demonstration we teach how to both attack and defend network systems.

All of our courses have these features:

  • Designed around a hands on experience
  • Security specific theme
  • Premier one week courses are designed to run on high performance computers which are students to keep upon completion of the course
  • All students receive course certificate and validation of attendance


Is the core theme of all our classes. All of our classes are built around teaching system and network best practices, always with an focus on security.


All our courses are hands on. Students validate theory by putting it to use in their own virtual lab. We focus on experience and not lecture.

Strong Foundation

We teach and reinforce solid networking and security fundamentals. Experts must master systems administration, network engineering, and security specific topics, all of which start with solid fundamentals.


All of our courses are designed to challenge and engage students. The courses reward students with knowledge and experience. Students are energized throughout the course!


Modern virtualization software and system deployment options allow us to create realistic network environments. We deploy, configure, attack, and defend using real-world scenarios in our virtual labs.

High Performancee

All of our premier one week courses include a high performance laptop. This is used throughout the course and is the students to keep upon completion. We select systems capable of running our complex virtual labs and advanced systems development tasks.

For Students

  • Learn network security, configure, attack and defend systems
  • Challenging and enjoyable hands on course
  • Engage in security based challenges
  • Meet security training requirements

For Employers

  • Reward and invigorate your employees
  • Private onsite and offsite class options available
  • Give employees skills they need to defend your networks
  • Private classes bring your employees together to promote teamwork and collaboration